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Regulation of Virtual Currencies in Brazil

Until very recently, cryptocurrencies were not specifically regulated in Brazil, unless they met the definition of a security under the Brazilian Securities Law. In December 2022 the President of Brazil sanctioned Law 14,478 setting the rules for virtual assets service providers (‘virtual assets service providers’ or VASPs). Law 14,478 came into effect in June 2023. […]

Resume of Government tie break vote in Tax Disputes at the Administrative level

Initially, the casting vote in favor of the Federal Government was edited, by Provisional Measure MP 1,160, which lost effect on June 1st, returning to the pro-taxpayer tiebreaker at Carf. After an agreement with the president of the Senate, it was decided to send it as a legislative proposal with constitutional urgency.  Bill No. 2.384/23. […]

Taxation on income from investments abroad, trust or offshore funds

The text approved by the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies of Provisional Measure 1,172/23 suppresses the new rules regarding taxation on income from investments abroad, trust or offshore funds, which were also contained in MP 1171/23, which expires on the 27th of August. The matter should be discussed again in the form of a […]

Brazilian Congress proposes tax changes to investments abroad

Brazil: Report from Congress Committee proposes changes to the taxation rules for individuals investing abroad August 15th,  2023, On August 8, 2023, the Joint Committee of the two houses of the Brazilian Congress approved and made public a Report of a Provisional Measure No 1,172, of 2023 (“MP”), that provides new rules for the minimum […]

Law 14,451 and the reduction of the legal quorum in limited liability companies

Law 14,451/22 and the reduction of the legal quorum for approval of corporate matters in limited liability companies. Over the last 20 years, the provisions of the Civil Code that deal with companies have undergone changes that, increasingly, seek to sophisticate and simplify the subject. The last change, carried out through the enactment of Law […]